Protecto Reja

Decoguard combines attractive design with the strenght of steel. Available in 8 distinct designs, Decoguard can be used anywhere intrusion prevention is a must, such as window covering, fences, gates and more. Decoguard is made from a single piece of steel, is rigid and non-raveling combining aesthetic appeal with significant open area for visibility and free passage of air and light. Each of the 8 designs of Decoguard is readily from stock in pallets of 50 sheets. These models are available in the following sizes, in order to facilitate shearing & cutting:

  • 3' X 8'
  • 4' X 8'
  • 8' X 3'
  • 8' X 4'
Pacífico Clásico Barroco Inglés
Pacific Classic Barroque English
Pacífico Clásico Barroco Inglés
Florentine Roman Granada Gothic